Friday, March 28, 2008

NIN • Ghosts I-IV

Music • NIN • Ghosts I-IV • 2008
I just downloaded this album (legally of course) after finally receiving my download link. The purchase timed out, but it took my money. It took a few days for their support to send my proper download link, but I’m happy it finally arrived.
This is an experimental album that takes NIN in a moody direction. The song groups work well together, and they definitely take you away to a place that feels gloomy and hopeful at the same time. I even recognized lots of sections of his older work.
I got the feeling this music was about invading robot aliens from beyond Pluto. It was like a soundtrack all the way through. Probably why Trent Reznor has invited fans to make videos inspired by the music.

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lainiebird said...

I like this new album, too, Abby. At first it sort of tap-danced on my nerves, but then I realized it was just PMS! I listened to this album while I was designing toys and it kept actually kept me focused and moving forward on a good wave.