Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sleep-walking horror

Producer Val Lewton gets a Mulligan on this one. The zombie genre had not yet been established other than with a few ignorant ideas about Voodoo. These zombies aren’t hungry, they’re sleepy and boring. Other zombie movies of this time period succeed only in making zombies look silly and unscary. At least there were a few characters here who looked nightmare-worthy.
The story was pretty much Jane Eyre set to West Indies Voodoo. The only cringing happens when you hear the “jungle drums at the sugar mill.” If not for the great music and some early krunk, the native sets would be way too stereotypical. Lost fans might notice something that looks like a Dharma logo on the door at the ceremonies.
See you soon. I’m heading to the sugar mill for some good music and tasty treats.

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