Friday, May 16, 2008

Ragnar got my heart

Book • GOT YOUR NOSE! • Brandon Ragnar Johnson • 2004
This was one of the books I found at the 2008 NYC ComiCon at the Baby Tattoo Books booth. I mentioned in that blog entry that I’d be telling you about some of those books, and it’s about time I got started.
Ragnar is an artist who has talent for yummy images. Got Your Nose is a tale of two brothers named Horace and Borris. Horace is good and Borris is bad — so bad, in fact, that he finds it necessary to snag his schnoz. What follows are the antics of the brothers with Borris’ tricks, and Horace’s attempts to recover his nose.
The playful scenarios are the perfect premises for Ragnar’s wonderful art. The simple colors evoke a world where expression moves the pages, and animates the still pictures. Borris is particularly handsome. I’m absolutely convinced that LilyBat has a crush on him.
Got Your Nose is good for all ages. There’s nothing in it that would scare mummies and pops away.

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