Thursday, May 1, 2008

I know what you did 30 years ago

Haven’t these urban legends all been put to film already? I don’t wnt to review any more bad movies, but here goes:
If you are going to nick scenes from movies that have been done, then crikey, don’t do them poorly! The spiders under the skin scene, the tanning bed death — they were already done better. These scenes were already done. Why try it again with FX interns and no budget?
A few things I noticed that might catch your fancy were these: The funny scene in class when the science teacher is talking about gorillas, the edit goes to one of the jocks in class. The timing was perfect, and made me snicker. The other is the blatant Scooby Doo hippie van when the picture turns into a wh0-dunnit mystery adventure looking for clues. And finally, early on there is a mention of Candyman. I’m not sure if it was a shameless plug or a dig on the series.
Avoid this pooh at all costs. You won’t have to face the atrocious Grudge/Ringu/Exorcist visual references.

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