Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beware the cursed bear

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Censorship alert! LilyBat and I met a boy named Aaron at ComiCon in NYC this weekend. He makes bears that swear at you! They’re so sweet and cheeky! I can’t say any of the words they say, or my tongue might fall out. Butter sticks! You just have to see them! There are several generations of plush, vinyl, and mini Swear Bears. He even has T-shirts with the vulgar little buggers.
We bought one of the vinyl Swear Bears from the picture above. The skelly bear second from the top left. Betty Bones squealed when she saw it, so we gave it to her. I’m sure DeMonica would have loved the Devil bear on the bottom left, but she’s been a bit bratty lately.
If you visit the site, please say hi from the GirlMonsters, and definitely buy one of those delicious little insulting bears.

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aaron said...

awesome! this pic. captures the moment! can u email me a high res. version of this so i can show my mom!
Proves i m doing something worthy with my time on planet earth!