Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boogily boy artist

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Where to start with this boy??? I went to ComiCon in NYC with the rest of the girls this past weekend. What jolly old time we had! We met lots of smashing artists, and bought so many books and toys my shoulder fell off!
Gus Fink was one of the artists we fell in love with. His Boogily Heads were brilliant! He makes the cutest little bobble heads you ever did see (and he was a cutie-pie as well ;) - He also makes some delicious looking plush monsters. I wanted to eat them up, nom nom nom!
I bought four of his Boogilies because of budget constraints, but I wish I had the guts to nick a few more. Go buy some at boogilyheads.com or look at his amazing art at gusfink.com. Tell him Abby Cadaver said hi! I think DeMonica has a crush on him, but she’s a cheeky monkey, and I called dibs anyway.
I'll review some more pictures next week because I’m rattling on about what I saw at ComiCon for the rest of this week.

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