Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ruby’s ghost tale is a gem

Book • LILY’S GHOSTS • Laura Ruby • 2003
I was perusing the kids’ section at my local mom & pop bookstore and found this prize amongst the crème de la crème. It’s actually for mature young readers, but all-ages enjoyable.
Not to be confused with our good friend, LilyBat the vampire girl, Lily is a young girl who lives with her mom. Always on the move, they’ve settled in at Lily’s uncle’s house on the tiptoe of New Jersey in Cape May. Lily makes friends, living and dead fairly quickly, but there is a mystery to solve. Every good ghost story involves a mystery, but we get to have a run-in with a pirate’s ghost and his treasure too - crikey!
Yo-ho, scallywags! This young adult book doesn’t treat you like a baby, so prepare for real family issues and problems that aren’t diluted or ignored. Single mothers and their daughters have real feelings. So do local misfit boys and ghosts.
It gets a little far-fetched at the end. I’m not talking about ghostly happenings, though. We all know that’s real. I was just a little amused by the motivations of some of the characters. Don’t worry, it didn’t do me head in thinking about it. Get your claws on a copy of this book!

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