Monday, April 14, 2008

Her today, gone Tamara

Movie • TAMARA • 2005
For the record, the above graphic is my worst rating. I think I need to make a new one with all five eyes completely closed, dried up, and sewn shut. I don’t usually lose my appetite when I watch my scary movies, but Tamara made me want to wretch… and it wasn't the particular scene where she used her powers to make a girl chuck her dessert. The only kudos I extend for this movie are for the fact that they actually had me hoping for a particular death scene, and they yanked it away from me. It may have been a first. Fast forward through to see it. Hint: It almost had me wishing for smelevision. It would have smelled delicious!
Okay, to start… what’s with all the dead student returns for revenge themes? They are filling my DVR like factory-made cannoli cream. Second… I don’t understand why witchcraft is represented as evil way too often. Third… If you ask me, aside from acting like a floozy in the second half of her duality role, she deserved revenge for how she was treated. But they always have to toss in a true-love moment that saves those that have any good in them. Boring.
Bah! Why am I even spending time writing this. Tamara was a bad movie, and I wasted enough time. Bad gore. Boring premise. I need to watch a good, silly black & white monster movie to get the taste out of my mouth.
PS Believe it or not it was really me, Abby Cadaver who wrote this, not LilyBat. But I’m sure she’ll agree.

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