Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Zombies are a girl’s best friend

Movie • ZOMBIES OF MORA TAU • 1957
First things first. The old lady in this movie has a Great Dane very much like the one I neglected to mention in in The Undying Monster a few days ago. I made a point to omit my fascination with its presence because there really wasn’t much point. Now I’m wondering if Great Danes were the Rottweilers of yesteryear. We’ve seen Doberman Pinchers and German Shepherds as the ‘bad’ dogs, but I’m wondering if these Great Danes were considered ‘good’ dogs.
Back to business… I believe the Twilight Zone first aired in 1958, but I think there may have been a radio show earlier than that. Anyway, the opening crawl (which isn’t crawling, so is it a crawl at all?) read as follows:
In the darkness of an ancient world -- there is a Twilight Zone between life and death. Here dwell those nameless creatures who are condemned to prowl the land eternally -- the walking dead.
I found the use of that term interesting. I’d love to hear from you on this.
This has to be the first movie where zombies walk under water, and they did a terrific job. Zombie sailors are protecting a treasure of sunken diamonds off the coast of Africa, and many expeditions have died and “undied” trying to retrieve them.
I loved the cast that felt right out of Hogan’s Heroes. The heroes and their hussy were in direct contrast with the old lady and her snowflake great-granddaughter. Of course they had to give the sailor girl attitude. That was the excuse for subjecting her to spousal abuse. We were meant to dislike her. After all, someone has to join the zombies. By the way, the zombies are super-thug sailor zombies apparently made of steel! They just don’t go down. You go, zombies!
Even if you don’t like the movie, it’s worth seeing the Titanic / Ben Kenobi ending. Trust me.

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